Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Last 2 weeks, I was doing some survey of tyre brand and price, which intend to replace my car's tyres. And I was intend for a tyre brand change from Goodyear to Michelin XM1, to see how is the overall performance, since everyone is saying Michelin tyre is good.

I decided to call up some Klang's tyre shops to gather the price instead of going around to do survey. I’m manage to get some price information. From internet, someone mentioned about Klang Hin Leong, but I call many many times, but failed to get a person to pick up. So I decided to get someone help to go to the shop to check out the price for me. Indeed, that is the cheapest price I can get for Michelin XM1, profile 185/65/R14, at RM179 which include Balancing and air pump head.
When I called up for survey, I’m surprise a tyre shop (Hiap Hoe), can offer Continental CC1 with RM133, that is like buying 4 Michelin tyres can buy 5 Continental CC1 tyres….. But I still decided to go for Michelin XM1….maybe will try Continental CC1 next time. :)

I replaced the tyre on that Sunday itself, and it took me 1.5 hour to get tyres replaced at Hin Leong. Everything is fast and smoothes…the only dissatisfy is the stxxxx girl who collect the payment. She is damn UNFRIENDLY, and always on her mobile phone. No wonder, call the office no one pick this up!!!

I met a Malay guy, who is also changing his tyre. He suggested me to do the tyre alignment later in another workshop, because let the new tyre get used to the rim and car first. I'm quite agreed on that, so decided to do it later.

So far I'm very satisfy with this Michelin tyre, but I feel not comfortable, car floating, when the car drive above 120km/h. When I went to alignment last week, the workshop told me to pump 30kpsi only, because my car is light, that's why I will feel floating if it is driving too fast.
After the air pressure adjustment and alignment, I feel better.

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