Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Touch & Go Card expired

Anyone know that Touch & Go card will expired?

My card is going to expired (in Nov), and top up lane (tambah nilai) counter tell me that they cannot top up in here, and need to go to nearest office. He will touch the card for me, and ask me to exist in next countered, which not exceed RM1.80, because that is my card balance.
Don't you think that is very funny???
Which mean I need to find an exist, which should not exist RM1.80, replace my card and, enter into the highway again....
This is very RIDICULOUS!

Luckily someone borrow me another card to continue with my journey. is only have 10 years life times.

And you will need to replace a new one (free) in the Touch & Go counter, and transfer your remained balances to the new card.

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