Monday, January 31, 2011

WCT ... Jan11

WCT had RM2 billion worth of new projects including the LRT extensions, Durkhan highway, other Middle East projects (Yas Island) and additional infrastructure jobs in Iskandar Malaysia and Sabah.

WCT will benefit from a more open tender system. And given its less diversified earnings base, it is also more leveraged to win new contracts.

The revival of the Sabah dam project worth at least RM1 billion was also a wild card.

WCT’s prospects and construction firms are gearing up for a larger slice of the infrastructure spending to be allocated under the 10th Malaysia Plan and Economic Transformation Programme.

Apart from creating a large war chest for new projects, the RM600 million fund-raising exercise could also effectively refinance all of WCT’s short-term borrowings with long-term debt, if it wanted to.

It has a net assets per share of RM1.55 as at Sept 30, 2010.

As at Sept 30, the company had RM544.83 million in long-term borrowings, RM517.11 million in short-term borrowings and RM618.22 million in cash.
That translates into a net debt of RM443.72 million against shareholders’ funds of RM1.22 billion.

For the nine-month period ended Sept 30, WCT’s net profit declined 13.34% to RM99.26 million from RM114.55 million a year ago on the back of a 63.25% drop in turnover to RM1.27 billion from RM3.46 billion.

Earnings per share for the nine months stood at 12.61 sen versus 14.62 sen a year ago.


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