Tuesday, July 5, 2011

IPO ... PeterLabs

An animal feed maker. The group makes and trades animal health and nutrition products which include animal feed additives, environment maintenance products, biological and veterinary pharmaceuticals. PeterLabs products are used by livestock breeders and animal farms for large-scale production of poultry, swine, ruminant, aquaculture and companion animals.

PeterLabs, which is due for an ACE Market listing on July 26 2011, is now present in Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand and Taiwan.

PeterLabs made a profit-after-tax of RM6 million for the year to December 31 2010 on revenue of RM40.7 million. Its after-tax profit has almost tripled since 2007.

98 per cent of its business are in Malaysia.

Although the government is only expected to implement the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in 2012, PeterLabs has complied with all of its requirements, thus giving it an early advantage. The GMP certification would assure customers that products are manufactured in a hygienic manner and follow best practices in manufacturing. The GMP is to fulfill the stringent requirement imposed by countries on foreign companies before the products can be marketed there.

On its listing exercise, it involves a public issue of 15 million new shares at 30 sen a piece. In addition, an offer for sale of approximately 35.9 million shares will be allocated to identified investors.

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