Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sendai ... May12

Having built a large bulk of its fortunes in the Middle East, it is looking at gaining ground locally.

It is looking to expand its construction activities.

In 2011, local jobs contributed about 7.4% of its revenue and jobs from Middle East accounted for 86.3% stake while 6% was from the Indian projects.

It is looking at local projects to build high rise towers.

It is also expected to benefit from Malaysia’s concrete landscape becoming more modern and having more structural steel buildings in the future.

Menara Warisan Merdaka and the KLIFD as possible projects that Eversendai could gain from.

Other sectors the group is looking at locally include the MRT projects as well as fabrication works in the oil and gas industry.

It has also secured two new projects in the Middle East

Nathan holds 70% stake in the company. The EPF holds 7% and Tabung Haji holds 3.7% stake and PNB holds 3.5%.

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